Ruby Chocolate Pineapple - Full Slices, Crispy

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When your golden hue shines from within, you are deserving of a crown - alas the pineapple - King of Fruits.

After adding a crunch, we took one step further, dipping these slices into Belgian Ruby Cocoa Bean Chocolate, making for a delightful pairing. This chocolate is naturally pink, derived from the ruby cocoa bean.

2 slices per package and friendly for sale at the counter, in a basket, a bowl and by the register.

Fill gift boxes and baskets with as many as you'd like.

Place them on cheese boards and spreads without removing them from the bag. They look just like themselves, compact and true to size, with the baggie for ultimate crispiness.

Keeping them in the bag will keep them crispier and your customers happier and wanting more!

California Crisps slices are the closest thing to fresh fruit, maintaining the color, composition and flavor of its fresh equivalent. Just like fresh fruit, there may be imperfections.