Comfort & Joy Vol. 2 Spring Heirlooms

Comfort & Joy Vol. 2 Spring Heirlooms

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The chilly breeze of the winter months has noticeably shifted to a warming haze that fills the air. The ground is becoming greener and greener as the white mounds melt away. Soon, it will be time to work the land, as we always have. To then look ahead to the harvest that will later come.  


This issue embraces the land and those who work it; highlights include contributions from many Hudson Valley and Finger Lakes farmers, homesteaders, and families. Along with heritage stories from Joyce E. Franson. 


C. Hannett Garner - Sweet Violetta

Laura D'Amico- Little Girl in the Big Storm

Nicole McFadden- Growing Up Little House

Emily DesCamp & Emily Foss- Our Up-Cycled Yellow Home

Cassie Ward- Summer Quiche

Connor Howley- What's The Buzz

Vesa Byrnes - Woodstock Mushroom Co.

Joelle Lucinda Keyes- The Thrill of the Hunt

Claire Benjamin- Rue Claire Lavender Farm

Heather Moon- Westfiled Flower Co.

Caitlin Rogers Keyes- Touch-Me-Nots

Joanne Woodard- Raspberry Squares


68 Full color pages!